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Transporters in stock or 'in build at VW'.

Due to build times commonly being 16 weeks for the base vehicle we offer a regular supply of Highline Kombis either in stock or pre ordered/in build. This is to save on wait times. Although the only way to get your perfect spec van is to pre order it we do offer a range of nice vans with less of a wait time. For current stock please click here.

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Offering great prices on brand new Transporters

As we have completed our Full European Type Approval we have gained recognition from Volkswagen. Therefore with our converters discount code we can offer great prices on brand new vans. We pass on this discount which in turn makes the prices for our campers as competitive as possible. Base vehicle prices van are similar to ex demo prices at dealerships.

Vanworx VW Campervan rental


Try before you buy! Back in 2016.

Taking bookings on our brand new 2015 Camper this summer. From early June!

Vanworx VW Caddy conversion


The Transporters baby brother. A truly amazing van!

The Volkswagen Caddy Camper is a great alternative to the Transporter. If you are looking for a smaller vehicle to drive or park then this is it. We have customised a lot of Caddys. From camper and kombi conversions to styling and our own lowering kit please contact us for info.

Vanworx Crafter Campervan Conversion


Walk in shower and big garage options!

Taking the same workmanship and product ranges from the Transporter we had to try converting the Crafter. With the possibilities of a walk in shower and garage we had to convert! We have converted a couple and they have been top end bespoke conversions. We can offer great discounts on Crafters for conversion.  The new crafters have great specs!

Vanworx Amarok


Home of the biggest Amarok in the UK.

In 2011, when the Amarok was released we had to customise one! A black pick up was bought and we went about customising it. Giving it a full body lift, 35″ tyres, fenders and a range of other goodies a beast was born. This at the time (it still may be) was the biggest Amarok in the country. We gave it a full retrim and an ICE install. All parts available POA